Rainmeter Menu Skins

Download Rainmeter menu skins for free and add launcher, dock, and taskbar to your desktop.

Rainmeter Menu Skins

Shortcut icons for software on Windows computers are often irregular on the desktop. Shortcut icons appear cluttered and boring on the desktop of users who have too many programs installed on their computers. Users who care about the desktop view of their computers try to arrange their shortcut icons horizontally or vertically to avoid this problem.

Unfortunately, icons don’t look as good on Windows as they do on macOS. Although there are 3rd party launcher, dock, and taskbar software running in Windows, these software can make limited changes and reduce the performance of most computers.

Installing separate software for each desired feature on the desktop is both troublesome and tiring. That’s why we recommend using Rainmeter for all desktop view customization and personalization.

Rainmeter menu skins consist of launchers, docks, and taskbars. You can organize icons that look uneven on the desktop with menu skins.

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