Rainmeter Skins

Download Rainmeter skins for free and customize your Pc’s desktop with useful widgets.

Rainmeter Skins

People who spend most of the day using a computer attach great importance to the appearance of their desktop. These people use a variety of software to reflect their style on their computers and desktops. Rainmeter is the most popular software for desktop customization and personalization.

Rainmeter skins are very similar to widgets found in the Windows 7 operating system. You can customize your Pc’s classic desktop look as you wish with skins. These skins are free and small in size. Moreover, it does not decrease the performance of your computer while working.

You can add the most used widgets such as the clock, calendar, weather, and dock to your desktop with Rainmeter skins. You can make your computer and desktop more functional with great skins like a music player, visualizer, system monitor, and reminder.

With these free skins created by thousands of Rainmeter users, you can easily get the desktop look you dream of.

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