Silmeria Dock Rainmeter Dock Skin

Silmeria Dock is a free Rainmeter dock skin from MixSilmeria.

Silmeria Dock is a simple but effective dock skin that holds together shortcuts of your software for a clean desktop. This skin hides your shortcuts when they are not needed. When needed, all shortcuts appear when the line has hovered. In the settings section, you can add as many shortcut icons as you want and change the appearance as you wish.

You can add a dock widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Silmeria Dock Skin

You can preview the Silmeria Dock Rainmeter dock skin with this video.

Download Silmeria Dock Skin

Free download Silmeria Dock Rainmeter dock skin.

Download Skin
Skin file is ready, click for download

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