Sienna Rainmeter Weather Skin

Sienna is a free Rainmeter weather skin from AJ-Dekkers.

This skin shows the weather of your city on your desktop. You can also see detailed information such as current temperature, humidity, wind strength, rain probability, and 4-day forecast with this skin. The icons used are specially designed for all computer users to get information about the weather quickly and easily. It will also look good on your desktop with its nice and simple design. You just need to type the code of the city where you live in the settings section.

You can add a weather widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Sienna Skin

You can preview the Sienna Rainmeter weather skin with this video.

Download Sienna Skin

Free download Sienna Rainmeter weather skin.

Download Skin
Skin file is ready, click for download

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  1. This is the most beautiful Rainmeter weather skin I’ve ever seen. Very functional and beautiful

  2. Finding a working Rainmeter weather skin is pretty hard. This skin works very well. I did not encounter any problems.

  3. This weather skin is working very well. I easily set my location and now I can see the weather information of the place where I live on my desktop.

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