Monstercat Rainmeter Visualizer Skin

Monstercat is a free Rainmeter visualizer skin from MarcoPixel.

Monstercat is one of Rainmeter’s most downloaded and preferred visualizer skins. It contains the most basic features expected from a visualizer. It simply provides a live visualization of your computer’s audio output. It is very light and does not affect the hardware of your computer while it is running. Almost all of this visualizer is customizable and configurable via the extensive settings window. It is compatible with other rainmeter skins on your desktop with its customizable structure and simple design.

You can add a visualizer widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Monstercat Skin

You can preview the Monstercat Rainmeter visualizer skin with this video.

Download Monstercat Skin

Free download Monstercat Rainmeter visualizer skin.

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