Magnumizer Rainmeter Countdown Timer Skin

Magnumizer is a free Rainmeter countdown timer skin from themagnumizer.

This skin counts down the time remaining to a specific date on your desktop. It also shows the time elapsed since a specific date. It is very simple to use. Set your target time and then click the start button. This skin will show the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second, left to your target time. When the time is up, it alerts you with a sound.

It is almost completely customizable. You can hide or show any part of the screen you want. You can change the fonts, font sizes, font colors of all sections from the settings panel. So you can match this Rainmeter countdown skin with your desktop design.

You can add a countdown timer widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Magnumizer Skin

You can preview the Magnumizer Rainmeter countdown timer skin with this video.

Download Magnumizer Skin

Free download Magnumizer Rainmeter countdown timer skin.

Download Skin
Skin file is ready, click for download

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