Honeycomb Rainmeter Launcher Skin

Honeycomb is a free Rainmeter launcher skin from Apiium.

Honeycomb is one of Rainmeter’s most popular launcher skins. This skin is beautiful, simple, and aesthetic. Keeps your most-used shortcuts neatly on the desktop. Each shortcut is hexagonal. When all the shortcuts are together, it looks just like a honeycomb. For now, there are 83 shortcuts. These shortcuts belong to the software, games, and internet sites that computer users use most. If the shortcuts in it are not enough for you, you can create your shortcut icon with programs such as Photoshop and add it to this skin.

In addition, there are icons in the form of hexagons, where you can see the amount of CPU and Ram usage. It is possible to set all icons in the same size or each icon in different sizes. With its great design, it is very compatible with other Rainmeter skins on the desktop. This very light skin never strains your computer while working.

You can add a launcher widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Honeycomb Skin

You can preview the Honeycomb Rainmeter launcher skin with this video.

Download Honeycomb Skin

Free download Honeycomb Rainmeter launcher skin.

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