Fizzualizer Rainmeter Visualizer Skin

Fizzualizer is a free Rainmeter visualizer skin from undefinist.

Fizzualizer is an interesting Rainmeter visualizer skin. Depending on the sound of the music you are listening to, you can see balls exploding on your desktop. Some particles explode on every explosive ball. It looks pretty good. I suggest you try it.

You can add a visualizer widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Fizzualizer Skin

You can preview the Fizzualizer Rainmeter visualizer skin with this video.

Download Fizzualizer Skin

Free download Fizzualizer Rainmeter visualizer skin.

Download Skin
Skin file is ready, click for download

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  1. how to remove a skin that has been applied to the desktop? I have tried it by installing the other skin but it’s not being removed…..please tell me how to do so

    Thank You

    1. To remove the skin on the desktop, you first need to unload this skin. To do this,
      1 – Right-click on the skin on the desktop and click on the unload skin.
      2 – Then go to the folder where Rainmeter is installed.
      3 – Then go to the Skins folder.
      4 – Find the folder of the skin you want to delete in this folder and delete it.

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