Digital Rainmeter Clock and System Monitor Skin

Digital is a free Rainmeter clock and system monitor skin from Rasylver.

Most of us have seen and used many items with digital interfaces until recently. Many people still love and use these-looking items. If you want to add a clock with a digital interface to your desktop, you can choose this skin.

This skin allows you to add a digital-looking clock to your desktop. The clock also features a date that gives day, month, and year information. In addition, this skin also has an interface option that shows Ram, Cpu, and power usage.

You can add a clock and system monitor widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Digital Skin

You can preview the Digital Rainmeter clock and system monitor skin with this video.

Download Digital Skin

Free download Digital Rainmeter clock and system monitor skin.

Download Skin
Skin file is ready, click for download

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