Cronotopo Rainmeter Analog Clock and Date Skin

Cronotopo is a free Rainmeter analog clock and date skin from lucamennoia.

When it comes to an analog clock, classic clock designs may come to mind, but Cronotopo has a modern look. It is in the form of a circle. At first glance, you might think this is not a watch skin. Because there is no number showing what time it is on it. You can tell what time it is from the hour and minute lines on it. You can change the colors of these lines on the settings screen as you wish. Thus, you can make it compatible with your desktop design. It has a minimal and clean appearance. It also shows day, month, and year information besides the clock. If you want to add some movement, you can activate the seconds animation in the settings section. You can make all the settings you will need in the settings section. This skin has two language options, English and Italian.

You can add a analog clock and date widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Cronotopo Skin

You can preview the Cronotopo Rainmeter analog clock and date skin with this video.

Download Cronotopo Skin

Free download Cronotopo Rainmeter analog clock and date skin.

Download Skin
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