Cover Rainmeter Clock and Music Player Skin

Cover is a free Rainmeter clock and music player skin from rabra.

Cover is a great skin that can show both an analog clock and music player on your desktop with one skin. The clock is designed on a beautiful background, and the name of the song playing next to the clock is shown. When you move the cursor on the watch, it allows you to skip forward and backward between songs and pause or play the song. In the easy-to-understand settings window, you can change the music player, colors, transparency, and other options you want to use together.

This skin is compatible with most-used music players such as Spotify, Winamp, Aimp, Foobar2000, iTunes, J.River, Media Jukebox, MediaMonkey, Media Player Classic, Musicbee, VLC, and Windows Media Player.

You can add a clock and music player widget to your desktop with this skin.

Preview Cover Skin

You can preview the Cover Rainmeter clock and music player skin with this video.

Download Cover Skin

Free download Cover Rainmeter clock and music player skin.

Download Skin
Skin file is ready, click for download

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